Some nice Vanilla Desserts.

Vanilla Recipes

Vanilla is way more than an ordinary flavor. Some would call it woody, leathery, fruity, smoky, rummy, or even just plain jummy It is indeed a prestigious, complex, fascinating ingredient which will truly enhance your preparations. Sweet goods, but also cocktails, appetizers, main dishes, etc. etc. Not only does vanilla taste fantastic by itself, but it is the ideal flavor to blend. Vanilla lifts and smooths all kind of food and gives it a secret sparkle!

On this page we are gathering different vanilla recipes for food and drinks that use vanilla as ingredient. For this purpose we welcome your contributions. Please send us your favourite vanilla recipes!

Here some ideas.

Vanilla Ice-Cream. Recipes anybody?

Vanilla cookies recipe. Ingredients: suger, butter, eggs, flour, and vanilla extract. Anybody has any clue about the amounts of each of the ingredients, the oven temperature, and the baking time?

Vanilla coffee recipe! Put some (how many?) vanilla pods in coffee beans or ground coffee.

Creme-brulee recipe. How to make that with real fresh vanilla??

Vanilla Recipe Book

If you are interested in vanilla recipes, we know a wonderful book, by one of the world's leading authorities on vanilla. She has spent her life discovering the world of vanilla, traveling to Mexico where it was first discovered, working with the vanilla farmers themselves to help them. In fact a portion of the profit from the book goes to the vanilla farmers. The book goes deep into the history of vanilla, with facts and many tested recipes, of course all with vanilla as ingredient, from the authors friends all over the world. The book is called "The Vanilla Chef" and was written by "Patricia Rain".