Dry Vanilla Beans

Vanilla Extract Project!

Motivated by reading some really nice articles and blogs we have started this project to make our own vanilla extracts!

Project description

We will make our own hand and home made vanilla extracts. We will document the process in detail and with nice graphics just like some of the articles that motived us to do this. The best part, however, is that we will give the resulting extracts away! 

How many extracts we will give away and how we will select the winners is a secret for now.....  Stay tuned for more news....

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The first steps are getting the alcohol. Since we do sell vanilla beans getting the beans is not so difficult. Next step is making this vanilla extract into a BLOG so that people can send comments (an not just old fashioned e-mails). I am hoping for some very lifely interactions on this theme...... Stay tuned....

Here the links that motivated us!!

Here the links to the articles that were our main motivators to start the make your own vanilla extract project: