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Introduction to Vanilla

On our vanilla web pages we provide a wealth of information regarding vanilla beans, vanilla extracts, and vanilla in general. Basically "all you ever wanted to know about vanilla but were afraid to ask" is given and more. In case you do not find what you are looking for feel free to contact us!

We have close personal contact with some vanilla farmers in India. On request of these farmers we have entered into the vanilla beans and vanilla extract business. Our main aim is to sell the products of our colleagues in India and to ensure that they get a fair price for their products. Since we trade directly our vanilla prices are very attractive.

We trade large or small amounts of top quality vanilla cured beans from India for long term and short term supply. We buy and sell the famous bourbon vanilla beans (planifolia) with its nice mild aroma. We trade both whole vanilla beans and cut vanilla beans both to end users as well as business to business wholesales (B2B).

Our vanilla beans from India have a great vanillin content of 3.1% and a low moisture content of 27%. The quality of our vanilla beans is authenticated and the quality is examined regularly and graded of high quality.

We are planning to open a web shop soon. If you are interested let us know by dropping us a note and we will keep you informed!

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